Huge advantages... a Restrictor



• One-man quick installation

• No need for brackets on fascia

• Resets automatically

• Easy rescuing design 

• Minimal force needed to disengage the restrictor

• No electronic coils or batteries needed 

• Minimal kinetic energy loading on the door

• Allows for servicing the door at the landing

• No adjustments for lock needed

• Maintenance free design 

• One flag per hoistway door

• Adjustable flags

• Long-lasting hassle-free durable design

• Retrofits any door

• Saves money on installation costs

• All steel design 

• Coated with rust blocking paint

• Three-point locking system

• Minimal tools needed for installation

• Less then 1 1/4” for single door 3" door gap  allowed        when lock is engaged

• Designed for a large threshold for engaging  and        
   disengaging the lock

• Designed to comply with A17.1 door restrictor


• Allows for setbacks in the hoistway that exceed 5”

• Save considerable time and money on new and  

   existing installations

• Easily trainable design for field technicians

• No need for facia

• Elevator-rated door locking contacts

• Designed to comply with A17.1 car door interlock

   requirements an Interlock

We proudly manufacture two versions of The DoorClamp right here in America.

Choose between our door restrictor version or our interlock/restrictor version for new installations.

Order The DoorClamp today – your wait for reliable, cost-effective door restriction is over.